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Discover real-time available on-street parking spots at your destination.

Meet Pumba – the app that simplifies parking searches for drivers.

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Our parking sensors deployed across the city,
provide round-the-clock monitoring of parking availability,
keeping you updated on the go!

Tired of the daily parking hunt in Tel Aviv? It's time to upgrade to Pumba!

Pumba’s sensors are deployed across the city center of Tel Aviv, serving hundreds of drivers every day!

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How does it work?

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Enter your destination address
Discover real-time available parking spots
Verify if the spot fits your car with Pumba’s real time GIF
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Navigate easily to your chosen parking spot. Receive real-time updates on its availability.
Park confidently and enjoy your day!

Worried someone might snatch the offered parking spot? No need to worry!

Pumba keeps you informed by sending real-time notifications to your mobile. If your parking space is taken, you’ll receive a list of additional available parking spaces near your destination.

Download Pumba now for free!

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